Non-slip, absorbs and gel contaminants from the floor


Ref : 952 22 01, box of 50 single mats

  • Prevents slips and falls due to liquids on the floor and contributes to a safer working environment
  • Absorbs liquids to prevent spreading and contamination in the environment
  • Makes it easier to clean floors between jobs to improve the turnover rate

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The Large Mat (roll) is a single-use absorbent and hygienic mat, which quickly and effectively absorbs blood, cleaning solutions (rinsing liquid), urine and other liquids present in:

  • endoscopic surgical interventions
  • urology
  • washing areas (under sinks or troughs)
  • arthroscopies


It is possible to stand on the Large Mat or place it under a stool. An anti-slip layer keeps the mat in its position and absorbs excess liquids, which reduce the risk of wet and slippery floors.

Aware of the need to adapt to various types of situations in the healthcare field, the GelMax Large Mat is also available in rolls to adjust it size for your convenience.

GelMax LARGE Mat is frequently used under troughs or during interventions.

Large Mat (roll) dimensions : 1 x 50 m
Large Mat (individual) absorption: Up to 2 L/m² of any type of liquid


Instructions for use 

  1. Open the sachet and remove a mat. 
  2. Place the absorbent mat over the desired area. To stand on it, place the green side against the ground. 
  3. Wait for liquids to be absorbed. 
  4. Dispose of in the appropriate place.

Precautions for use

Single-use product. Do not reuse after use. Place on a dry floor. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not remove the green anti-slip coating. 

Product reference : 952 22 01
Packaging : Carton with 5 bags of 10 mats (i.e. 50 mats)

Is GelMax Large Mat non-slip ?
Yes, the green part of the GelMax LARGE Mat is non-slip and should be placed in contact with the floor.

Does GelMax Large Mat absorb washing solutions ?
Yes. GelMax Large Mat absorbs all types of water-based biological liquids.