A dynamic team

CLEANIS research is conducted within a team of researchers and engineers involved in the development of new products and services for hygiene and contribution to the fight against nosocomial infections. Our priority is to develop products to improve the health of patients and facilitate the work of caregivers while allowing them to work safely.  This is possible through internal teamwork but also with the assistance of other departments within the company. Convinced that through the exchange of skills we move forward, we regularly work in collaboration with healthcare professionals, institutions and specialised competitive clustering.

An equipped and efficient laboratory

The service has a design office. This design office qualifies new products but also tests existing products. 
To accomplish this, we use high performance equipment (universal testing machines, 3D printer,…).

Absorption test of a super absorbent pad

For example, we perform absorption tests and absorption speed tests on the CareBag® device pads. 
The standard test protocol for absorption capacity is based on ISO 11948-1 for urine-absorbing aids. 
In addition, all these tests are performed with 0.9% saline solution to better match the reality of the final product use, whose absorption characteristics approach those of biological fluids.

Innovative projects

To adapt to the challenges of all users (professionals and individuals), in France and worldwide, we strive to develop new products and more efficient services. 
In addition, since the healthcare and hygiene field is a constantly evolving sector, we regularly participate in trade shows and conferences in order to stay informed of the latest innovations.
Research tools also allow us to monitor technological advances, competition (IXXO) and patents (Questel). 
These tools provide us with an in-depth knowledge of the sector and of its advances enabling us to anticipate changes and be responsive to opportunities.